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Unfortunately given the nature of mobile phone networks and owning a device, it is normal that we may need to make a complaint or seek help about our service. Luckily, the Vodafone customer service team is on hand seven days a week to handle customer queries in a quick and efficient manner. We’ve listed below some of the main reasons you may need to call the Vodafone customer service number on 0843 504 7317.

Making a complaint angry customer

If you’re not happy with the Vodafone service and wish to make a complaint, you should let a member of the customer service team know as soon as you can. The quickest way to make a complaint is by calling the Vodafone customer service number on 0843 504 7317.

Vodafone will try to resolve every issue straight away, but if your issue can’t be handled you will be transferred to a team manager. If the team manager also can’t resolve the issue, it will be passed on to the dedicated Vodafone customer relations team.

Whatever path it takes, your complaint should be handled within a week. If this is not possible, you will be kept up to date its progress on a regular basis.

Lost/stolen phones

Losing your phone or having it stolen is every mobile user’s worst nightmare. Luckily, if your device is lost or stolen, Vodafone are available 24 hours a day to help. If the worst happens, you should call the Vodafone customer service number immediately on 0843 504 7317.

Upon calling Vodafone to inform them of your loss, your SIM and IMEI (serial) number will be blocked to prevent others from using them. This means that you won’t be liable to pay any charges, should they occur.

As a pay monthly customer, you’ll be billed for any chargeable activity on your device up until the time you report it lost or stolen to Vodafone. This is why it’s important to alert Vodafone as soon as you realise your device is missing.

If you’re a Pay as you go customer you won’t have to pay anything – but someone else may be able to use your remaining credit up until your SIM is blocked.

You should make sure you also contact the police within 72 hours of your device being lost or stolen to get an incident reference number.

Other queries call centre

For all other problems, for example disputing a bill, seeking help with your device or even just wanting advice about upgrading your service – you can contact the Vodafone customer service team every day of the week.

Vodafone pride themselves on handling customer queries in a friendly and fast manner, helping to form and maintain strong customer relations. Whatever your issue, making a call to the Vodafone support team will help you resolve your problem. Customer service advisors are friendly and helpful, with expert knowledge. Call the Vodafone customer service number today on 0843 504 7317 and have your problem solved.

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