New customers

Looking to switch to Vodafone?

When you switch to Vodafone as a mobile or broadband user, it’s important to get set up correctly so that everything runs smoothly. You’ll want to get to grips with your new device as quickly as you can, so we’ve detailed how to do just that.

Keeping your old number vodafone mobile

If you’re switching to Vodafone from another provider, you may well wish to keep your current number. This is a common request, and you can of course retain your trusty number. Simply find the ‘keep my number’ section on the Vodafone website, and input your details into the form provided.

Switching from another provider

To keep your number from another mobile provider, you will need the following details:

  • The temporary Vodafone mobile number you received when you took out your new agreement
  • The mobile number you wish to retain
  • The PAC code from your old network

If you have any problems when trying to keep your old number, make a call to the Vodafone contact number on 0843 504 7317 and make sure you have your details to hand.

Your first pay monthly bill

If you have recently taken out a new pay monthly account with Vodafone, you should receive your first bill within 14 days. When that bill arrives, it might be a little bit higher than you’re expecting. This is perfectly normal, so don’t worry! This bill is higher because it includes:

  • Your line rental from the day you joined
  • Next month’s line rental in advance
  • Any call or internet charges not included in your bundle

Your bills from this point on should be less, as they will just include one month’s line rental plus usage. You will be able to see your bill online after setting up a pay monthly account. You will receive a text or email each month to let you know that your bill is ready.

If you’d rather look at a bill on paper, you can print out a copy by going to My Vodafone (you must register first). You can also receive itemised paper bills by post if you’d prefer, but please note that these will cost £1.54 per month. To receive these, text ITEMISED to 97888.

If you have any queries as a new Vodafone customer, you are free to call the Vodafone customer support number at any time. Perhaps you simply want advice about which phone or package is right for you. You can get in touch with Vodafone and speak to a friendly advisor by ringing the Vodafone contact number on 0843 504 7317.

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